Takashi Sonoda

Ich arbeite in meinen Kunstwerken daran “mich

zu transformieren” . Ich verwandele mich selbst in

etwas, was in der Natur sicher existiert, aber für die

Menschheit nicht sichtbar ist. Ich benutze meinen

Leib dafür, um die Verbindung zwischen der Natur

und der menschlichen Sicht herzustellen.

Takashi Sonoda

Die Blumen, die an der Klippe stehen

The boundary between the mountains and the sea in Unatsura on Tsushima Island, where the Ougon-Oni-Yuri lily used to grow, is a steep cliff. In the mountains, where many deer or wild boars live, there is a risk that the flower will be eaten. The cliffside is the only safe place that the animals cannot reach. For the flower, it is a space between danger and safety. I turned into a leaf of the Ougon-Oni-Yuri lily and walked holding the flower in my hand while looking for refuge on the cliffs of Tsushima.  
Takashi Sonoda  is a guest of Gallery Cube+ 

Meanwhile /Takashi Sonoda and Jakob Braune /
26.8. – 2.10.2021 / Gallery Cube+ 



15. September


Artist Talk
Pop-Up Pavillon

Guests at the Pop-Up Pavillon wear masks in the exhibition space, and outside if distancing isn’t possible. Please come with a negative COVID-19 Test result no older than 24 hours, your Vaccination certificate or proof of recovery.


2018, re-worked 2020

The 3,5h long structured improvisation “OFFLINE körper ONLINE” explores the boundaries between humans and technology as well as the digital and analog world in a playful way. Klee is the only performer physically present in the exhibition space and testing possible physical connections together with Merle, who is moving on a large projection. Mischke is only audible as a voice commenting, directing and interpreting the actions. Kuki aka. Mitsuku (the world’s most human-like chatbot with Artificial Intelligence) is in dialogue with Klee via text messages that are visible on a second projection.

OFFLINE Körper ONLINE won the art prize of the city of Neumünster in 2018 and in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic it was re-worked and performed again in 2020 at the Kasseler Kunstverein.

Merle | Mischke | Klee is a performance collective based in Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein, DE). They are associated artists of the Theaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel Flensburg (DE).

Coralie Merle (CH), Jasiek Mischke (NL/PL) and Mark Christoph Klee (DE) are friends for many years. What all of their works have in common is a sense of comradery. Their bond creates a safe space – made tangible for the audience – from which curiosity, lightness and humor stems. They work collectively since 2018 and focus on dance, spoken and written text as well as visual arts.

With each project they explore a digital or analog performance context or an artistic collaboration which is new to them. Amongst other formats they created long durational performances for exhibition spaces, a full-evening dance piece for the theatre stage, an Augmented Reality project and an interactive website. 


Maque Pereyra

Samstag 18. September

11:00 – 12:30

Artist Talk
Zoom +
hoop.Raum für Visuelles

The workshop is streamed live at hoop. Raum für Visuelles and participants not in Kiel may take part via Zoom. An Artist Talk with Maque Pereyra follows the workshop. Teilnahme kostenfrei.

Maque Pereyra is a Berlin multidisciplinary artist, psychologist and pleasure/spiritual activist. In 2018 she finished the MA SoDA program at HZT. A DAAD scholarship in the field of performing arts was granted to her from 2016 until 2018. In her home country, Bolivia, she obtained a BA degree in Psychology in 2014. Her artistic work (performances, videos, workshops, etc) has been awarded and presented internationally on platforms such as Tanztage Berlin, Tanzquartier Wien and HKW. In 2019 she received the Studio Grant at District Berlin with the research Yoggaton as empowerment and decolonial body practice. She is currently doing a Yoga teacher training at Ignite Yoga, a Diploma in Feminismo descolonial y Pensamiento Andino at IDECA, and offers movement therapies at Casa Kùa. 

Drago Xian @dragoxie

The focus of her work is on healing, empowerment through pleasure and spiritual activism, decolonial/cuir aesthetics-practices and knowledge production/reflection with and from the body.

The practice of Yoggaton is the intersection of Yoga & Reggaeton. It is a movement practice nourished by spiritual and pleasure activism and perreo to work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to decolonize our bodies and challenge binaries. 

Drago Xian @dragoxie